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Since 2012 the Chester Internship Programme (CIP) at the University of Chester has provided local businesses with over 150 funded interns. Through the CIP, participating students and graduates enhance their employability by developing skills that are needed in the workplace and by gaining graduate level experience whilst in employment.

Here and Now have been a valued employer partner of the CIP for several years. All of our student and graduate interns have benefited from fantastic experiences during their internships with the Digital Buddies project. Not only were they able to gain paid work experience, they were also able to provide a meaningful service to the community.

Last summer, I was fortunate to attend a training session delivered by two of our interns. It was truly an enjoyable experience for all who attended, and the participants were engaged and enthusiastic about learning new IT skills. We hope to continue to work with Here and Now in the future by providing student and graduate interns to help support this most meaningful programme.
— Kathryn Girvan, Employer Engagement Assistant