New General Data Protection Regulations

Privacy Policy


Who Are We ?

Here and Now Chester Limited Local Social Enterprise that runs social activity groups for older people in and around Blacon and  Chester area Also part of Here and Now Chester Ltd is Here and Now Digital Buddies.  We are committed to  providing services that can  meet your needs but at same time committed to  keeping your information up to date and protecting your privacy. 

Privacy notice

It explains how we collect information store information about you and use it to give you hopefully an effective service.

Contact and joining the services

 If you decide to become a user of one of our services we will first ask you for your personal information relevant to the service you would like us to provide. Our Team Leader /Project Officer  will  contact or will speak to you .   You will be asked  to  sign a consent form relevant to the service you choose . You will be able to withdraw your consent at any time.

Ways we may use your information

  1. Seek your views on our services.
  2. We may create and share statistics with organisations who fund our services
  3. Notify you of a change to our services.
  4. Train staff / volunteers
  5. Ask permission (prior ) to photographs video etc  being taken  of you and others to be used on Here and Now website social media or promotional leaflets etc.
  6. Contact you by Phone, e-mail, text letter etc if given permission by you.
  7. To make sure we are providing a good service meeting regulatory and other legal responsabilities to you we may record any communications with you such as and inc phone conversations e-mail etc.


How long will the information be kept ?

For a long as Here and Now provide a service to you . Otherwise for 6 years unless our contract or the law changes and states or requires something different.

How will Here and Now /Digital Buddies contact you ?

We’ll use the contact information you’ve given us when we need to get in touch. The Team Leader or Project Officer  may visit you at home but they will call you first to confirm that it is convenient. We might email you, give you a ring, send a text or use another form of electronic communication.

Information sharing with others ?

Here and Now will never  share your personal information with others without your consent.

1.    Except in the event of an emergency

2.    Were we are  very  concerned  about you safety and or wellbeing.

3.    Here and Now will not release your information to 3rd parties for direct marketing purposes.



What Services Here and Now Offer

Here and Now Chester Ltd Social Group for Older People

Here and Now Social group has Part funding via Cheshire Community Action  abbreviated ( CCA) . The Funding helps Here and Now provide three groups per week .  For purposes of the contract Here and Now shares Data controllers  ( see section below) on sharing information with others )  with Cheshire Community Action . Through the contract Here and Now inputs and stores information on the Upshot system (Data processor)  of members and volunteers . This in practice means CCA can access some  of your information . This enables CCA  to see and ensure how the service is running which they provide part funding for. As CCA and CWaC Cheshire West and Chester  hold some of your information it is suggested by Here and Now you read CCA Upshot systems  and CWaC own Privacy and Data protection policies on how they store and use your personal information.

Here and Now also receive funding from Avenue Services/ Sanctuary Housing and are required to send anonymous data to Avenue services in compliance for funding that is received. Here and Now are the Data Controller for this but Here and Now advise you also look at Avenue services/ Sanctuary housing Data protection on storing data.


Here and Now Digital Buddies

Here and Now Chester Ltd was awarded the contract by Brightlife ( hosted by Age Uk Cheshire via Big Lottery funding ) to provide a service offering Digital training for over 50s in the Chester area. This service is called Here and Now Digital Buddies. Here and Now is the Data controller and may be required to supply some of the Digital Buddies service users  personal data  to Brightlife. This is for the purposes of monitoring attendance etc for purposes of the contract. Here and Now Digital Buddies service users may also be offered to take part in a Brightlife research project. This has it’s own optional consent form not linked to Here and Now for further  information regarding this research project and Brightlife Data protection  policies you are advised to contact Brightlife directly.

Kathy’s Keep Fit

Affiliated  to Here and Now Chester Ltd. Only information is a head count which is added to upshot system( Data Processor)  for purposes of attendance. Here and Now is the Data Controller for this.


Information sharing with others


To Provide you with the service you require we may need your consent to share with our commissioners.

1.   Commissioners are people who provide us with the funding to run the services we provide.

2.   We need to share information with them to meet our  obligations to carry out the contract.

3.   So they can monitor the delivery of the services

4.   The Commissioner may be acting as the organisation responsible legally for the information. ( the data controller ) . Here and Now advise if this is the case please read the commissioners privacy policies as well as Here and Now.


The New GDPRD  and what are your rights


·       You have a right to ask Here and Now for a copy of the personal information we hold about you. Please put in writing your request or you can verbally request this information . We will not charge for it. Please contact Admin at Here and Now (data protection officer) 14 the Parade Enterprise Centre or e mail Here and Now.

·       Here and Now have an obligation to inform you how we will use your personal information.

·       Any information that Here and Now hold about that may be  inaccurate or not complete you have a right to ask for it to be corrected

·       You can request and have the right for your information not to be subject of to an automated decision making

·       You can request your personal information/data be provided to you electronically on request.

·       The right to be forgotten. You have the right to ask Here and Now Ltd  to erase all information about you. To do this you will be requested to withdraw your consent.

·       If you feel that Here and Now and or Partners organisations are not processing your Data/personal information in a manner you  do not like you can request the right to restrict how you information or data is processed ( this may or can  restrict ) the way Here and NowChester Ltd  and Digital Buddies can deliver the service to you. ( you can discuss with Team Leader and or project Leader )

·       You can and have the right to request and object to your Data being processed by Here and Now or any of it’s Partner organisations.

How Here and Now  protect your Data /information

Protecting your information

·       Any of your personal information held by  Here on Now electronically will be stored on password-protected computers

·       Any information held on you in paper form will be stored securely in locked cabinets

·       Funders and commissioners of services requiring personal  information will be transferred to them by internet network connections.

·       At Times Here and Now may have to make some of your personal information known to staff or volunteers who may need to know for running of the service. We do provide information and training to help them understand their obligations under confidentiality and data protection.



If you have a complaint .

You have a right to complain if you feel we are not using information about you correctly .

Please speak to the team Leader/ Project officer in first instance or you can write to

Admin (data Officer ) Here and Now Chester Ltd  14 the Parade Enterprise Centre  Blacon Chester CH1 5HN

Call 01244 379651



if you are not satisfied with our response   you can make a complaint to the Information commissioners ,office. ICO Please write to the ( Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House , Waters Lane ,Wilmslow ,Cheshire ,SK9 5AF.  )


Here and Now Chester Ltd  may amend our data protection policy from time to time .


If you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact Here and Now Chester Ltd on


E mail ;

Tel 01244 379651

Or In writing  ( admin) data officer Here and Now Chester ltd 14 the Parade Enterprise Centre Blacon Chester  CH1 5HN.